The Wildlife ACT Fund focuses on 4 key areas of endangered and threatened species conservation:


Finding and funding the right equipment needed for effective and meaningful monitoring.


- Delivering time and expertise to reintroduce these species into new ranges.

- Implementing anti-poaching measures and technology in the field.

- Community outreach, conservation education and economic development.


“Shooting” Animals to save them:


· Another great example of how to monitor endangered animals is to use remote activated camera traps. The "shots" provide monitors and researchers with fantastic information, allowing them to assess the status of endangered and threatened species on a reserve, and to help develop management interventions.





After 10years of researching, understanding and impacting children/youth on the streets of Cape Town, we are now setting out to achieve our dream, The MylifE Train the Trainer Eco-Village:


- The model is a “Train the Trainer” programme based on climate, soil, food, water, shelter & LOVE.

- The land has been secured in Hogsback, Eastern Cape.


“We understand that by encouraging our youth back into a healthy relationship with their environment, we will arrest the cycle of migration, poverty and apathy.” – Linzi Thomas


A place where, using eco-principles,youth otherwise trapped in unemployment, poverty and hopelessness, have the opportunity for healing and to be skilled into sustainable and inspired members of society, contributing to economic development and a peaceful society.